Summer Mission 2017 : SUMBA

“… Here I am, send me” – Isaiah 6:8

Sumba covers area of 10,710 km², with the highest point of Mt. Wanggameti (1,225 m). In the northwest is Sumbawa, while Flores is in the northeast, Timor is in the east, and Australia in the south and southeast. Due to its close proximity to Australia who experiences winter in the month of June to August, the summer weather in Sumba is considered mild compared to other cities in Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Waingapu, the capital of East Sumba, will be the first city that will Summer Mission 2017 team will visit. Here is a snapshot of education facts in East Sumba by Statistic Bureau in 2012, where the percentage of the population age 10 and over who are no longer in school approximately 58.3%. Those who do not have a diploma are about 46.83%. The most tragic fact is the illiteracy rate is 12.14%, higher than the average percentage of illiteracy in the whole province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (9.70%).

The reason for this is because Sumba children have to walk for many kilometers to school and then go home and help their parents to get water from a well that is nearly as far as the school. Not to mention when they actually get to school, many have to wait for the teacher who must teach two or three classes simultaneously.

Sumba population is predominantly Christian (55%). Its main problems are in the low level of education of its people, difficult access to clean water and extreme poverty. More than 20% of the population live under the poverty line with less than USD25 / month income.

You, among 40 people from all over the world, will visit 4 cities of Waingapu, Anakalang, Waikabubak and Waitabula / Tambolaka. Crusades, No Apologies Seminar to high schoolers, Business Seminar, Church Empowerment, orphanage / hospital visit, praying for the sick and the needy and fundraising to build as many water wells are what we will do over the 16 day mission trip to Sumba. We will bless tens of thousands people and in doing so, answer our highest calling.

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