Nita S. Lie, 2016

Summer Mission has definitely helped re-calibrated my life, to focus on what is actually important. I wouldn’t have thought that I could live comfortably with just 3.5kg worth of personal things. But hey, I did. We often focus so much on our material blessings, that we forget on what is important, which is to love God and to love His people. When all these distractions are stripped away and you live in simplicity, you begin to realize, to live a joyful life, you don’t need that much “things”. God will bless you and you will become a blessing. Our God knows exactly what we need, as we receive His blessings and become a blessing to others, your life will be filled with joy.

This mission trip has also taught me that you don’t have to know every piece of the puzzle to take the first step out. During this mission trip, there are so many uncertainties, we are literally living day by day. There was once when we were granted permission to have crusade just 2 hours prior to the crusade scheduled start time. But it is through all these uncertainties, God proves to be faithful, He does what only He can do, He open up doors when there seem to be no way. We were planning to have 11 crusades this mission trip, which we did, even though there are so many challenges:
– 1 of the cities we were planning to go cancelled at the last minute
– we realized just the day before that we don’t have permit to have crusade the day after
– it was raining at the start of 2 crusades which God miraculously stopped.
Through all these, God shows that He is in control and there is nothing we should fear, both during the mission trip and in our daily life 🙂