SM Moments

Kartika Tantra, 2016

From my experience in this year’s summer mission, I learned that it actually is not that hard to be a blessing. All you need is a genuine, loving heart that wants to bless others. Being stationed in the medical camps, I had the privilege of talking with people who were in line for the doctor or collecting their medicine. As they talked, it was not just their physical discomfort they shared but eventually it was also their personal struggles or worries. Praying with them and for them was the greatest blessing I could have been for them at that time, seeing that I had no medical background. It was definitely something that was out of my comfort zone to strike conversation with strangers, but as I think about the weight between my personal needs versus God’s desires…the winner was obvious – we were there to be part of God’s work, therefore I had to learn to do what it takes to be the extension of His love to these people.

Another happening worth explaining would be the beautiful sight I keep witnessing during our kids ministry with the puppet show and singing/dancing prior to the start of the crusade. It was heartwarming to see the children so engaged with the singing & dancing, and being attentive to the biblical value being imparted through the puppet show. It was even more touching to watch them wholeheartedly praying to Jesus, dedicating their lives to Him. Also, our youth ‘No Apologies’ seminars have been incredible at reaching out to the local high schoolers about the effects of drug/alcohol abuse and free sex on their future. It was wonderful to see how these teenagers had their mind expanded and eventually allowing us to pray for them so that they may remain healthy and abstinent in the pursuit of their dreams.

Summer mission is truly a very humbling experience for me as I got to be part of a team that was being a part of God’s work on this earth to spread the gospel.

What an honor and privilege it has been to be taught how to actually deny ourselves and realize that we need to think less about ourselves and more about others, especially those who have yet to know the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.