Isabella Yonathan

Overwhelmed by the privilege God has given me to be a part of His Great work! Life is not about living in abundance but living it all for Christ. Even when you feel physically drained and you have so little in terms of worldly materials/comfort your heart overflows with joy living His purpose.

God has given me the most important lesson and that is to live to bless the nations. It’s something we have underplayed in our daily lives with all the distractions in life to share about Jesus. Yet, during this Summer Mission when all the distractions are stripped away, God has opened my eyes on how gravely important this is and how much the world needs to hear the good news. During this process, God also has proven his faithfulness and that His plans will prevail despite the circumstances.

I am also so blessed by the people I have encountered. God has shown me His compassion for these people and how He has created every one perfect in His eyes. l am truly inspired by how people who are lacking materially/physically disabled are so grateful with what they have and how determined they are to make an impact in others. It made me realize on how much more I can be a blessing to others with what God has entrusted to me. It reminded me that its not me, but God in me that will make a difference in other people’s lives.

Last but not least, serving with a bunch of people from different walks of life that are so passionate about Jesus inspires me to live out loud each and every day only for Jesus!