Danette Sitorus, 2016

If I had one word to describe summer mission 2016, it would be exhilarating. The root word ‘exhilarate’ itself has two meaning, the first one being “to enliven; invigorate; stimulate”.

Being a student, one is enslaved under a strict routine of school, study and sleep (with occasionally hanging out with friends) which will eventually lead to losing appreciation for this life that God has given us. This summer mission was my first and I had the honour of being part of the prayer team and at first glance, it could almost seem similar to a routine, something boring. We work very much backstage and the process of the work is not necessarily visually evident and thus sometimes forgotten. But I found joy and happiness in performing according to my calling, in the plainness of my prayers to the lord, and saw many miracles occur in my eyes. One being a deranged lady in Ende, who had a reputation for being aggressive and had earlier during set up stolen a box cutter and thrown rocks at people. Long story short, we prayed for her and because the spirit of the lord was with us, she became calm and she ended up attending all of our crusades in Ende while also becoming a living testimony for those who saw her transition. Therefore, what I learned is that any job role you may hold (be it a singer, multimedia etc.) can become a drag but when you are doing the will of God, when you have aligned yourself to his will, you will find yourself feeling exhilarated! Because there is truly no greater joy than doing the will of God because his plans for you are the best there is and it’s just that sometimes the limitations of us as humans prevent us from seeing that.

Now, the second definition of ‘exhilarate’ is “to make cheerful or merry.” The area that I live in is filled with many people who are self centered and arrogant, with no care for others in their little brains. And living in such negativity for a long time, I have learnt to build a strong backbone and possess a hard heart. This summer mission though I realized that as a follower of Christ, we should strive to live the opposite to what the world wants us to become and this revelation came from two words: God’s love”. That although I will never fully realize God’s love until I get to heaven, I saw his love within the welcoming personalities of my teammates. My team mates would always try to make small talk with me, would always remember me and those actions (although little) brought a feeling of exhilaration. My summer mission family was a representation of God’s love, possessing love contrary to this hateful world, giving kindness in spite of the uncaring personality of many.

One thing you must know is that I am not the best in interacting and nor am I usually willing to interact and it is not easy to approach me. But I believe that God had used this aspect of my personality to learn to confide and trust in him unconditionally, training me as an intercession for the purpose of using me within summer mission. Therefore for those who are just like me and are not very good in interacting with people (and would usually avoid gathering within a large group of strangers), I encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and see the will and the love of the lord be realized in yourself.

“…March out boldly tomorrow–God is with you.” [2 Chronicles 20:17 MSG]