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And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-20, NKJV


All this time, you have been trained through different ministry roles such as usher, intercessor, musician or speaker at your local church. Like all athletes who train rigorously for the olympic, your faith too must be put to action. Summer Mission will be the practical situation to utilize your physical strength, emotional maturity and faith to bear witness His image in you. Leadership skill will be sharpened, teamwork will be vital for completing missions and personal faith will be strengthened through this 20-days-journey.


When Jesus cried for Jerusalem, He didn’t cry for the city, but for the people who lived in it. He was crying for those who were suffering and lost. Are we bold enough to pray, “God, let me feel what You feel. Place me in situations where my heart will break so that Your love shall flow through me. Making myself as Your vessel of love is much more important than my career, my comfort, my pleasure or my sleep.”

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Why YOU should join


Not only you will make new friends through the trip, but you will also have fun exploring the never-before-heard places and their beautiful sceneries.


Mission organizations such as Summer Mission will empower local Church with new programs, testimonies and other support they need to continue the revival it started.


Through this journey, you will experience divine moments such as answered prayers, miraculous healings, spiritual battles which will edify personal conviction and faith in Jesus Christ.


Many who have participated in the previous Summer Missions testify that through the journey, they have finally found and embraced the calling God has intended for them.

About Summer Mission

Every year since 1989, Summer Mission has been impacting people's lives in amazing ways. God is moving in a powerful way for His Kingdom, as He brings about salvation, life transformation, and divine healing for many people in every place that the Team ministers. The Team also has been so blessed to have the opportunity to be used by God as His channel of blessings to many people's lives.

Purpose of Summer Mission

  • Learning to be God's servant and to serve

  • Experiencing great and mighty things

  • Finding / realizing God's calling

  • Supporting the ministries in the local Church
Blessed to be a Blessing!


Date         : 13 - 26 July 2020
Location : West Nusa Tenggara
Meeting point : Bima, NTB (IATA: BMU)

If you are ready to embark upon a 14-days journey with restricted personal belonging of 8 lbs (3.6kg) or less, here is how to join 2020 Summer Mission. Book your slot now!

    • EARLY BIRD PRICE: USD 1250 (IDR 17.500.000)
      Early bird ends at May 17th, 2020
    • REGULAR PRICE: USD 1500 (IDR 21.000.000)
    • HALF TRIP: USD 850 (IDR 11.900.000)
      First Half Trip: July 13-20th, 2020
      Second Half Trip: July 20-26th, 2020
    • Registration closed June 15th, 2020


Summer Mission Moments

Read more about our main speaker, Rev. Daniel Hanafi from Los Angeles.

Mission: Heartbeat of the Heavenly Father.
Mission is not a program, but it is the heartbeat of God. From Genesis to Revelation, God's plan was to reconcile humankind to Himself. God has called Abraham to be a blessing for all nations and the ultimate blessing is salvation in Christ. Then God made a covenant with Noah and this covenant was continued with the Israelites. Until the end, God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to redeem and reconcile humankind to Himself.
God then gave us responsibility to continue His mission.
God not only gave us command, but also His power.
In this Summer Mission trip, God will work through your life as His instruments.

Check our POWERFUL video gallery and feel the excitement!

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E-Book Indonesia Summer Mission

Summer Mission is a two-week mission to send young missionaries to remote parts of Indonesia Archipelago. Initially this program was aimed for Indonesian’s students who studied abroad so they get to learn about the diverse culture of Indonesia and to experience deeper love with God during the time spent in it. This program has been […]

Summer Mission 2019 : EAST NUSA TENGGARA

To celebrate 30th anniversary of Summer Mission, this year mission trip we will go to East Indonesia from Atambua, Betun, Kefamenanu, Soe, Kupang and ended at Surabaya, East Java for Summer Mission Alumni Gathering that will be held this year. East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesian: Nusa Tenggara Timur – NTT) is the southernmost province of Indonesia. It is located in the eastern part […]

Summer Mission 2018 : BALI

While many would think Bali is a paradise, a land of gods and the most beautiful island in the Asia, our team discovered the sad facts that lies hidden in this beautiful island. Bali is chosen as our 2018 Summer Mission destination because Bali needs help. These numbers are quoted from Badan Pusat Statistik Indonesia […]

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History of Summer Mission Movement

17 Days Trip to Maumere, Ende, Bajawa, Ruteng and Labuan Bajo, the Summer Mission tim of 40 people has preached the Gospel to tens of thousands people. One of the historic moment that our team helped made happen is the peaceful union between the Catholics and Protestant.

Through free medical services, No Apologies seminar to schools and subsidized market in Labuan Bajo, we have reached thousands more with the love of Christ.

Summer Mission 2016 Flores

For 2 weeks, a team of 34 people from all corners of the world banded together to serve the people of West Borneo, Indonesia. Led by Ps. Daniel Hanafi and Ps. Stephanus Elia, they went to little known destinations such as Mukok, Ngabang, Sintang, and Singkawang that are foreign even to most Indonesians.

Through many challenges, the team worked together to serve the villagers through worship music, the word of God and community visits and/or empowerment.

Summer Mission 2015 West Borneo

Christy Hidajat, “God opened my eyes and reminded me of so many things during Summer Mission….for us, the crusades and concerts that we did might not seem much. It might even be something that we’ve been doing for so many times, we don’t really think about it anymore.But such events are very rare in those places that we visited.

So to them, the event that we did might be their only chance to experience or celebrate Jesus… it might have been a once-in-a-lifetime thing for them, and so when they came, they were full of expectation and excitement. They just couldn’t wait, and they were always so blessed by the end of the crusade! This motivated me to serve the Lord and minister to the people with my best effort”.

Summer Mission 2014 Central Sulawesi

Summer Mission 2013 kicks off right on time on July 8th in World Harvest Center, Jakarta where 25 people from all stages of life are on the team this year: students, recent graduates, and professionals well into their careers. A majority of the team is from Los Angeles or Surabaya, but we also have members from the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Germany, so interesting accents are heard all around!

Our SM dream team ministers to 3 lucky cities this year: Manokwari, Kaimana, and Nabire. TOGETHER, we held 6 leadership and youth seminars, 6 orphanage and prison visits, and multiple free medical clinics in each city. All in all, 5,717 people were ministered to at the hands of Summer Mission 2013.

Summer Mission 2013 Papua

For almost 15 days, the team consisting of 28 students, young adults, and professionals led by pastor Michael Chrisdion from IFGF Los Angeles, visited 5 cities Kaban Jahe, Samosir, Porsea, Nias, and Duri), held 6 seminars, and performed in 8 outdoor evangelistic crusades with over 15,000 people attending. Better yet, over 5.000 people accepted Jesus as their savior and over 1000 people received healing.

Summer Mission 2012 North Sumatra

Tahun 2011, Tim Summer Mission mengadakan misi ke Tual, Tanimbar Kei, Pasir Panjang, Dobo, dan Benjina. Tim Summer Mission sudah merencanakan untuk dapat memberkati masyarakat di Kepulauan Aru, Dobo, sejak tahun 2008, namun rencana tersebut selalu gagal. Tahun 2011 merupakan tahun yang pertama Tim berhasil tiba di Dobo. Walaupun cuaca yang sangat tidak bersahabat dan kapal ferry untuk ke Tual tiba-tiba mengalami kerusakan, Tim tidak menyerah dan terus berdoa untuk dapat tiba di Dobo.

Perjuangan Tim tidaklah sia-sia. Total 2,400 massa, penduduk Dobo, telah menanti kedatangan Tim. Dan semuanya mengalami berkat yang luar biasa. Banyak mujizat kesembuhan dialami para penduduk Dobo yang menghadiri konser musik dan KKR yang dilakukan oleh Tim di Dobo.

Summer Mission 2011 Kepulauan Aru

Untuk pertama kalinya, Tim Summer Mission menempuh perjalanan yang sangat melelahkan dengan kapal laut Banda Naira, kapal milik pemerintah yang diolah oleh salah satu perusahaan pelayaran swasta di Maluku. Dengan kapal laut tersebut, Tim menempuh total perjalanan 85 jam dalam 18 hari untuk memberkati orang-orang di 6 pulau yang ada di Maluku (Ambon, Kisar, Damer, Sera, dan Tual), serta 2 kota yang ada di Papua (Sorong dan Fak Fak).

Sekitar 26,600 orang diberkati melalui 11 konser musik dan KKR, 6 seminar anak muda “Hidup Tanpa Penyesalan”, 5 pengobatan gratis, 6 seminar kepemimpinan, dan 5 seminar Sekolah Minggu yang dilakukan oleh Tim Summer Mission di tahun 2010.

Summer Mission 2010 Maluku & Papua

Kunjungan Tim Frontline Mission di daerah Maluku pada tahun 2009 mendapat sambutan yang sangat baik, terutama oleh Gubernur Maluku di Ambon. Salah satu program kunjungan Tim Frontline Summer Mission yang sangat sukses pada tahun ini adalah Seminar untuk para Pelajar yang secara keseluruhan bisa memberkati kurang lebih 7.000 siswa siswi di TNS (Pulau Seram), Ambon, Saumlaki, Kisar, dan Alor.

Program seminar tersebut mendapat respons yang luar biasa baik dari pelajar, para guru, sampai dengan pihak pemerintahan. Hampir 90% dari seluruh pelajar yang menghadiri seminar “Tanpa Penyesalan” (No Apologies – Pantang Seks Pra-Nikah) mengisi kartu komitmen untuk bersedia menjaga hidup kudus dan berikrar untuk tidak melalukan seks sebelum pernikahan mereka.

Summer Mission 2009 Maluku

Pertama kalinya Tim Summer Mission membawa anggota terbanyak sepanjang sejarah kunjungan misi tahunan World Harvest; pada tahun ini, total 47 anggota Tim Summer Mission selama 3 minggu berkunjung ke banyak daerah pedalaman di Nusa Tenggara (Kefamenanu, Atambua, dan Betun) dan juga Kalimantan Barat (Ngabang dan Sintang). Tahun ini juga para anggota Tim diajak untuk berkunjung ke rumah-rumah dan melayani kebutuhan masyarakat setempat dengan mendoakan keluarga-keluarga.

Banyak jiwa yang diselamatkan dari penginjilan ke rumah-rumah pada tahun ini. Tim ini juga melayani serta memerikan pengajaran tentang “Cinta, Sex, dan NARKOBA” kepada lebih dari 2,000 pelajar SMP dan SMA melalui seminar. Pada akhir kunjungan, Tim Summer Mission 2007 merayakan peresmian kelas komputer (computer lab) dengan sumbangan peralatan komputer yang bernilai $5,000 (USD) di panti asuhan PINTAR, Kupang.

Summer Mission 2007 Nusa Tenggara & Kalimantan Barat

Selama 2.5 minggu, Tim Summer Mission 2006 yang terdiri dari 28 anggota dipakai Tuhan secara luar biasa untuk menjadi berkat kepada ribuan orang yang belum pernah mendengar tentang Injil. Tim ini juga datang untuk membawa pemulihan di Maluku (Ambon dan Masohi) setelah adanya konflik agama tahun 1995 dan juga kerusuhan Mei 1998 – kurang lebih 11 tahun tidak pernah ada kegiatan konser musik dan KKR.

Namun dengan tema “mujizat masih berlangsung”, Tim ini datang untuk melayani banyak daerah di Maluku yang pada akhirnya dapat melayani kepada kurang lebih 108,250 orang dan memenangkan 42,530 jiwa untuk Tuhan Yesus.

Summer Mission 2006 Maluku

Summer Mission visit in 2005 brought a tremendous impact to NTT province and Gospel were preached to more than 150,000 people, not only through music concerts and Youth Revival Service, but also through donation of 40 tons of corn given free to people in remote villages in Nusa Tenggara area who are experiencing drought.

Thanks to the cooperation of a group of businessmen and local governments, approximately USD 500,000 worth of medical equipments were donated to some healthcare facilities and hospitals in remote areas. 2005 Summer Mission Team also managed to equip local churches in Bengkulu and Nias through leadership seminar.

Summer Mission 2005 Nusa Tenggara, Bengkulu, Nias

One of the most impressive things during Summer Mission Team 2004 is when visiting Aceh a few months after the tsunami hit. Summer Mission team visited several refugee camps that were created to provide shelter for victims of the tsunami. Through drama titled “Prince of the City”, we describe the love of Christ for us. Through the preaching and Youth Revival Service, Summer Mission 2004 team was used by God to win more than 10.265 people and reach out to more than 100,000 souls.

At the same time, more than 860 people who were sick received a miracle healing and many more were healed when the team members pray for the sick patient who were waiting for our free medical service in many villages.

Summer Mission 2004 Aceh